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HMCS Snowberry – Revell Model Kit Pound sign

Model kit boxThe nerve-racking and exhausting work trying to guard WW2 transatlantic convoys, is highlighted in the Tom Hanks movie ‘Greyhound’. And the role played by the tiny corvettes, often in towering big seas, was both crucial and courageous. This is one model that’s definitely on my ‘to make’ list.


Scythe Board Game Pound sign

Sythe board game box“Scythe is an engine-building game set in an alternate-history 1920s period. Players conquer territory, enlist new recruits, reap resources, gain villagers, build structures, and activate monstrous mechs.”

They had me at “monstrous mechs”!


Sportneer Compass Pound sign

A field compass and its caseWhy would you want a traditional compass in 2024, when your phone can tell you which way you are pointing? Because you can’t trust your phone. None of my expensive phones have been reliable on direction. They are good at location but usually around 40+ degrees out when it comes to direction, not matter how many times you swing it around dementedly in a figure of eight for calibration!

Sometimes, particularly when you are walking a battlefield, you just want to know which way you are facing. I have got totally confused about where the battle lines were at Vimy Ridge and at Montormel (Falaise Gap). A simple compass is a splendid thing!


Admiral: Command and Conquer [DVD] Pound sign

DVD cover artAdmiral is a (2014) movie made about the heroic Dutch admiral, De Ruyter, scourge of the Royal Navy.

It’s a good movie. Rather embarrassingly, maybe for English sensibilities or box office draw, the poster/cover for the UK release features Charles Dance as King Charles II of England (the victim! a bit part!) standing prominently in front of the film’s actual subject, Michael de Ruyter played by Frank Lammers! In the International version, Charles Dance doesn’t feature on the cover at all!

You may be able to find a streamed version online, but if not, this is the DVD.


Fury at Midway [Board Game]

I think this looks like a really interesting and playable strategy board game. I like the idea of having two maps (boards), one for each player (it’s really designed as a two-player game). There’s a good review of the game here… which is how I came across it. Unfortunately I can’t find any stockists in the UK, so the title link points to the game producer, Revolution Games in California.


Tamiya Churchill VII tank (model kit) Pound sign

Model tank with crewI always fancied making this kit, and now that I have, it sits proudly in a display case near my desk (I’m especially pleased with my muddy tracks effect)!

The Mk VII was the primary heavy infantry tank with the Royal Armoured Corps. It was there in Normandy and in the Italian campaigns, and it went on to fight in Korea. It had a 75mm gun and a shitload of armour – more frontal armour than the Tiger I.

This 1:35 scale model comes with the characters shown. It’s really well detailed and is easy to assemble (not all are!).

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