About Mechtraveller

This is a niche blog about geeky travel, attractions, history and transport

It reflects my own interests in the mechanical, technical, historical, engineering and military world. So I write about factory tours, battlefield sites, technical museums, armed forces museums, transport infrastructure, et al.

After years of guided press tours taking me around cathedrals, food markets and art galleries, I’m now making a determined effort to see things on my travels that really interest me, and I hope, you. It’s an eclectic mix but at its core are things like ships, planes & trains… not spas, shops & temples.


Who am I?

Alastair McKenzieI am Alastair McKenzie. I’ve been a travel journalist/editor since 1989, originally in local, then national radio before moving online just before the millennium.  I’ve been an active member of the travel blogger & social media community since it started, a regular speaker at social media travel conferences, and I write about social travel. I’m a member of the Captivate Digital Media collective, and the British Guild of Travel Writers.


Contact me

alastair (with three a’s) at mechtraveller dot com.


Work with me

Mechtraveler is a classic niche blog. By definition it has a small but tightly targeted audience.  I’ll happily talk about direct advertising and solo or group (Captivate) campaigns. See my ‘live’ stats and media pack.

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