Historic Warships

Grey painted destroyer alongside the city quay in bright sunshine
Le Maillé-Brézé destroyer on permanent display in Nantes, France

These are notable warships (submarines, aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers, battleships) that have been decommissioned (mostly – I’m looking at you, USS Constitution, and you, HMS Victory!) and are now visitor attractions, floating, dry-docked or in museum buildings.

Ship Location Desc
Alabama, USS
Battleship, 1942
USA – Mobile, Alabama Wet-berthed WW2 battleship that had a busy, if brief (5 yrs) service.
Cruiser, 1903
Russia – St. Petersburg Wet-berthed historic cruiser that fired the first shot of the October Revolution. More info…
Submarine, 1967
USA – San Diego, CA Wet-berthed former Foxtrot class diesel-electric Soviet submarine now moored in the Maritime Museum of San Diego.
Submarine, 1980
Russia – Moscow Wet-berthed former Tango class diesel Soviet submarine ‘Novosibirsky Komsomolets’ now a museum display on the Moscow river since 2006.
Submarine, 1968
Kaliningrad – Konigsburg Wet-berthed former diesel-electric Soviet submarine
Belfast, HMS
Cruiser, 1938
UK – London Wet-berthed WW2 cruiser berthed next to tower bridge in London.
Blyskawica, ORP
Destroyer, 1937
Poland – Gdynia Wet-berthed WW2 Polish destroyer. The world’s oldest preserved destroyer.
Cod, USS
Submarine, 1942
USA – Cleveland, OH Wet-berthed WW2 era, GATO class fleet submarine.
Constitution, USS
Sail, 1797
USA – Charleston, MS Wet-berthed heavy frigate. The world’s oldest commissioned warship in active service. More info…
Drum, USS
Submarine, 1941
USA – Mobile, Alabama Dry-berthed WW2 Gato class submarine. Saw early action in the Pacific.
Submarine, 1958
France – St Nazaire Wet-berthed French Narval class submarine now on display in the former U-boat pens.
Georgios Averof
Cruiser, 1910
Greece – Faliron Wet-berthed Greek armoured cruiser More info…
Missile Corvette, 1984
USA – Fall River, MS Wet-berthed former soviet missile corvette, now an exhibit at Battleship Cove, MS.
Hornet, USS
Aircraft Carrier, 1943
USA – Alameda, CA Wet-berthed Essex class aircraft carrier that saw service in WW2, Vietnam, and recovered the Apollo 11 space capsule.
Intrepid, USS
Aircraft Carrier, 1943
USA – New York Wet-berthed WW2 aircraft carrier with a terrific array of aircraft exhibited on board too. More info…
Kidd, USS
Destroyer, 1943
USA – Baton Rouge, Louisiana Wet-berthed WW2 destroyer with a distinguished war history in the Pacific.
Aircraft Carrier, 1972
China – Tianjin Wet-berthed former flagship of the Soviet Pacific Fleet and now, like her sister ship, Minsk, a theme park in China… or was. She still appears to be there, but a BBC news report in 2011 said she was being turned into a luxury hotel. I’ll keep her listed here until I find a link for her.
Nantes, France Wet-berthed Le Maillé-Brézé (D627) is a Surcouf-class destroyer, decommissioned in 1988 and on display in the city of Nantes. She featured, with her modern gear (like radar antennae) removed or covered up, in the 2017 movie, ‘Dunkirk’.
Massachusetts, USS
Battleship, 1941
USA – Fall River, MS Wet-berthed WW2 battleship. (I visited her once. Very slender, designed to go through the Panama Canal)
Midway, USS
Aircraft Carrier, 1945
USA – San Diego, CA Wet-berthed First of the post-WW2 carriers, she has numerous exhibits on board and 27 restored aircraft.
Battleship, 1900
Japan – Yokosuka Wet-berthed flagship of Admiral Togo during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905).
Aircraft Carrier, 1972
China – Shenzhen Wet-berthed former Soviet aircraft carrier, now a theme park in China (like her sister ship, Kiev). She was last reported to be closed and is being relocated to Nantong, Jiangsu. I’ll keep her listed in the hope she’s re-opened as a museum ship.
New Jersey, USS
Battleship, 1942
USA – Philadelphia Wet-berthed WW2 and Korean war battleship
Onslow, HMAS
Submarine, 1968
Australia – Sydney Wet-berthed Australian navy diesel-electric submarine, that left the service only recently (1990) and is now on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum.
Otus, HMS
Submarine, 1962
Germany – Rügen island Wet-berthed Royal Navy submarine from the cold war era and later, serving during the Falkland War & the 1991 Persian Gulf war.
Submarine, 1941
USA – Chicago Dry-berthed type IXC U-boat that was famously captured intact, with its enigma code books, is now a museum exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. More info…
Submarine, 1942
UK – Birkenhead Dry-berthed WW2 German U-boat, sunk in the Baltic, raised in 1993. More info…
Submarine, 1943
Germany – Laboe Dry-berthed WW2 German U-boat. The only surviving type VIIC. More info…
Unicorn, HMS
Sail, 1824
UK – Dundee Wet-berthed 46-gun frigate, moored alongside without masts and rigging.
Sail, 1628
Sweden – Stockholm Dry-berthed flagship of Swedish navy sunk in Stockholm harbour on her maiden voyage, and raised in 1961.
Victory, HMS
Sail, 1778
UK – Portsmouth Dry-berthed flagship of Admiral Nelson, made famous at the battle of Trafalgar


  • The Historic Naval Ships Association has many of the above ships in its membership database, with a lot more detail.
  • The National WW2 Museum in New Orleans is currently working on the restoration of a WW2 patrol boat, PT-305.
  • Not exactly a warship, but as well as the B-396, the Naval Museum in Moscow has a rare exhibit – the Alekseyev A-90 Orlyonok Ekranoplan. Only a handful of these extraordinary ground-effect vehicles were ever made.