Sites of Interest in Russia and the Caucasus

This is a layered map of museums, battlefield sites, industrial heritage sites and other places, that I’m aware of in Russia and the Caucasus and that I would definitely visit if I was in the neighbourhood! 

Click the layers menu icon (top left) to isolate individual countries. Usual colours: Red sites I’ve yet to see.


Some of the sites on this map include…


The Moscow Aviation Institute has a museum that includes a collection of junked spacecraft, including a weird-looking (bug eyed), never-to-be-used Soviet lunar lander. The USSR officially gave up the moon-race in 1976.

The Technical Museum of JSC AVTOVAZ opened in Sep 2001 with over 450 exhibits on a 38-hectare former (construction waste) landfill site on the outskirts of Tolyatti on the Volga River. It is the personal project the vice-president of AVTOVAZ, Konstantin Grigorievich Sakharov. The collection covers aviation, space, engineering, railway, automotive, armoured, agricultural, missile, artillery and naval weapons systems. The first exhibit was/is a diesel-electric submarine of project 641B “SOM” “B-307” of the Russian Navy.