Corgi Model Club 261 – James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 Pound sign

This is a 2nd edition of the classic model, with all the bits & bobs: machine guns, ejector seat, bulletproof screen.

The Corgi Model Club sub-brand reproduces some of the greatest die-cast models ever to originally come out of Corgi’s Swansea factory. This James Bond DB5 was rush-released in 1965 to meet the Christmas rush and sold ¾ million units in 7 weeks! It went on to sell just under 4 million in total.

And why painted gold, given that JB’s DB5 was silver in the movie? Well, apparently that was on a whim by Corgi executives, inspired by the theme of the previous year’s Bond movie, Goldfinger!


Radio-Controlled excavator Pound sign

“What fun! I could spend happy hours in the garden with this!”

It’s a scale model, 15 channel (movements) heavy duty professional remote control grapple fork excavator with metal fork, that works exactly like a real fork excavator. It has 680° Degree cab rotation, 3 separate motors on digging arm separate motor on fork to lift up and down to its full extent.


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