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Work with me

In particular I’m looking for “partners”, such as accommodation providers/hotel chains and car manufacturers/vehicle rental companies, that can help me reach some of the many sites I want to cover.

I’m happy to supply posts, articles and other copy into brand publications.

I’ll take guest posts/sponsored posts if they are absolutely on topic, in style and declared as sponsored.

I’ll take banner advertising & affiliate links when suitable.

I’ll be happy to create a solo blogger campaign or a campaign with my colleagues at Captivate Digital Media with multiple strands (eg. food, family, adventure).

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Why is the Mechtraveller niche important for destinations?

Example – Historic battlefields

In October 2018 the Kentucky Civil War Sites Association published a study that illustrates the economic and tourism benefits the state’s Civil War and Revolutionary War battlefields & war-related historic sites have on state and local economies.

Key points of survey (conducted April to October 2017)

  • Visitors to Kentucky battlefields and historic sites contribute more than $10 million annually to local economies. Also, out-of-state tourist spending boosts the state’s GDP by $7.1 million and generates more than $1 million in state and local tax revenue.
  • Six out of 10 visitors were not from Kentucky. They came from 43 other states and five countries.
  • The majority of visitors travelled more than 200 miles to the site.
  • The typical traveller spent an average of $258.30 in the local area of the site, with lodging and food accounting for about half of the total amount spent. Overall, nearly half of all visitors paid for one or more room nights in the area during their visit.
  • Overnight out-of-state visitors to Kentucky battlefields and related historic sites add about $7.45 million in spending to the Kentucky economy.
  • Overnight visitors who live in Kentucky add roughly $2.09 million in spending to those particular communities economies due to the presence of these battlefields and related historic sites.
  • Kentucky residents who visit battlefields and related historic sites who stay overnight in paid lodging have an economic impact by supporting 42 jobs with labour income totaling $1.1 million and value added of $1.8 million.
  • Out-of-state day trippers add about $485,000 in spending at the areas around the sites.
  • For more than half of all visitors, visiting the specific historic site was one of the main reasons for coming, including three out of 10 who said it was the primary reason they came to the area.
  • Visitors were relatively affluent, with 42 percent having an annual income of $75,000 or more, including 22 percent with an income in excess of $100,000. Overall, site visitors were well-educated, with the majority having at least a four-year college degree, with more than 20 percent having studied beyond college.
  • Civil War and Revolutionary War sites in the Commonwealth were nearly universally enjoyed by visitors according to the survey. Ninety-eight percent had a positive experience at the site they visited, and more than nine out of 10 would likely recommend a visit to the site to friends and family.
  • Of Kentuckians surveyed, 65 percent strongly support the use of tax dollars being spent to preserve Kentucky’s battlefields and related historic sites in the state.

Source: The Advocate Messenger (local newspaper)

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