Saratoga Trail Proposal

Surrender of Gen Burgoyne at Saratoga

Proposal for a fam tour.

A road trip from Burlington (Vermont) or Plattsburgh (NY) following the British General John Burgoyne’s campaign down Lake Champlain to Fort Ticonderoga and then the battle sites down the Hudson (some in Vermont) ending in his defeat at Saratoga in October 1777. Next significant anniversary: 250th in 2027.

Road trip ends in Albany (Burgoyne’s goal).


Blue sites = Burgoyne related, red sites not related but of passing interest.


Flights via New York to PBG or BTV.


Hire car & hotels/motels/historic B&Bs


RV & campsites

Fly out of Albany (ALB)



7  days?


More Info…

Fort Ticonderoga 

News: Upgrades to Saratoga Road