Arundel Castle Under Siege… Again!

Arundel Castle in West Sussex was under siege once again over the May Bank Holiday weekend (28 – 30 May).

archercanon fired at Arundel Castle Siege event 2016One of the annual highlights of Arundel Castle’s events calendar, the Castle Siege saw visitors transported back to 1475 where they were captivated by French and English troops locked in a dramatic battle for control of the Castle – you’d think they would have sorted it out by now! 😉

The event offers a chance to see and experience all elements of medieval warfare, with skilful displays including hand to hand combat, sword fights, archery demonstrations and weaponry showcases. There were also awe-inspiring artillery displays with ancient weapons such as medieval mortar, multiple barrelled guns and a five barrelled cannon to delight onlookers.

Knights fighting at Arundel Castle Siege event 2016

Arundel Castle produce such good photographic eye-candy, it would be churlish not to mention that their next events are Living History Day on 02 June followed by Medieval Tournament on 18-19 June.

Photos: Goldfish Photographic


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