Restoration videos can be…restorative!

I didn’t realise restoration videos were a ‘thing’, but our new surreal circumstances act as a catalyst for new discoveries and experiences.

Where many have used self-isolation as an enforced opportunity to binge-watch movies and TV series, I have found myself wading through a backlog of Youtube videos in my ‘Watch Later’ folder. On the way, I made a discovery – restoration videos. Specifically, engineering restorations.

My first find was this fabulous restoration of a classic Briggs & Stratton 3hp engine…

There is definitely something cathartic about watching a machine being completely dismantled, cleaned, repaired, painted and put back together again. Like this air compressor…

And it’s fascinating to see how having the exact right tools for the job (eg. circlip pliers, piston ring compressors, and sand blasting cabinets) makes all the difference in the world. As as does using the right materials (eg. degreasing chemicals, penetrating oil, assembly lube & rust dissolver). Oh, and spray paint. You have to love the shiny new paint on restorations like this Vespa…

But the biggest ‘takeaway’ is the application of knowledge. None of these tools and chems would make a difference if these guys didn’t know how to use them, and know how the project piece of machinery is put together and works. I could do a fair amount of this, but understand how a gearbox comes apart and goes back together again…? Not a chance!

There are quite a few machinery restoration channels on YouTube. Once you find one, a doorway opens and you may find yourself hooked for the next few hours!

Feature Image: Abandoned machinery – William Murphy (CC BY-SA 2.0 via Flickr)


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