World of Volvo opens this week

World of Volvo, the Swedish vehicle manufacturer’s new cultural experience centre, opens in Gothenburg on Sunday (14th April).

Artist's digital rendition of the World of Volvo in evening light
World of Volvo exterior (Photo: WoV)

The centrepiece of World of Volvo is 4,500 square metres of exhibition space, carefully designed to showcase Volvo’s innovations and commitment to “omtanke” – consideration – emphasising safety and the well-being of people. It features some of Volvo’s most iconic vehicles, as well as a number of surprising interactive experiences. For example, visitors can try out electric excavators and experience the power of aerodynamics in a wind tunnel.

Artist's digital rendition of the World of Volvo truck on display
World of Volvo (Photo: WoV)

The five-storey building is more than just a brand museum for Volvo cars and trucks. It will also provide a welcoming venue for cultural events, talks, conferences and Nordic cuisine, as well as hosting a mix of temporary and permanent exhibitions.

“We aim to make every visit to World of Volvo a new and inspiring experience,” explains Ulrika Sandford, Marketing & Communication Manager at World of Volvo.


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