An old sugar factory is turned into a modern hotel complex – with machinery!

The Cukrownia Żnin (“Znin Sugar Factory”) in Poland is an industrial heritage project, repurposing an old sugar factory and preserving its magnificent 19th century buildings. Up until 2004, it produced sugar from beets. Now it is a hotel complex.

Stainless steel pipes and an aerial walkway lead to an ornate brick building at the Sugar Factory, all bathed in evening sunlight
Love the brickwork…
and the pipework!
(Photo: ONI Studio)

If you like industrial design and architecture, this is one of those new ‘designer’ hotel projects where the old pipes, girders, machinery & fittings are highlighted, and you’ll love it.

The Cukrownia Żnin complex, which consists of 27 buildings had been scheduled for demolition, but it was acquired just in time by the ARCHE hotel group, who saw the potential and ensured that none of the existing structures were demolished and all were assigned new functions (some are still in progress). The redesign was undertaken by a Warsaw-based architecture studio, the BULAK PROJEKT.

The main hotel building features 4-star accommodations, including rooms, a restaurant, and conference space. The second building is a 3-star hotel, connected to an aqua park, a spa, a club, and a brewery. The third building houses a conference room capable of accommodating 800 people, as well as a cinema, a restaurant with additional event space, a marina, a rehabilitation centre, and an additional much smaller building that will be adapted for a new function.

The sugar factory is located near the historical centre of Żnin (3½ hrs west of Warsaw), in close proximity to a lake which once provided the factory with water, and now serves as part of the site’s recreational offering, with ideal conditions for windsurfing and motorised water sports.

(By the way, if you check out the ARCHE Hotels website you’ll see they are currently hosting Ukrainian refugees in ALL their properties “The daily number of people in each of the hotels ranges from 50 to 150 people. We estimate that we have already provided over 5,000 accommodation.” Good job! :))


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