Think your driving test is hard or expensive? It’s probably not the worst!

Everybody dreads their driving test, but every country has its own version with a huge range of standards and idiosyncrasies, so ours/yours may not be the worst.

Here in the UK, our new drivers are clearly daunted by the test. UK driving test pass rates have plummeted over the last decade from 63.1% down to 46.3% on average. So do other countries have it easier?

Well, the UK has the 16th hardest theory test in the world, behind the likes of Russia and Japan, requiring 86% to pass. If you are a Vietnamese wannabe driver, you face a massive 450-question theory test!

If you are a Brit or an American, you don’t have to go through mandatory first aid training for learner drivers as required by 15 countries around the world including Norway, Hungary, and Austria – probably a good idea, actually! Nor do you have to share your car during the practical tests with a police officer, driving instructor and other learner drivers taking their exam after you, as you would in Libya.

All this and more, we know thanks to car finance company, Zuto, who has researched over 190 countries to find out how practical and theory exams vary around the world, and which countries have the most difficult tests. It’s a fairly detailed and fascinating piece of work, which they have made available in an interactive report…

If the embedded web page fails to load, try here.

So, stop whining about your driving test, there’s always somebody who’s got it worse!



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