DIY Road Traffic Monitoring for Citizens

Ever wondered just how busy your street is? Telraam is a clever technical initiative that enables ordinary residents to gather data on the traffic passing their window.

The Telraam sensor continuously monitors a street from a citizen’s window, providing crucial data on various types of transport, including motorised vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, and more. It can turn traffic counting into a simple, open and accessible citizen science project.

It’s simple and cheap. Whether you are a local resident, a campaigner, an employee of a public or private organisation, or work for a government agency, Telraam sensors can deliver reliable data to help you achieve your goals. Perfect if you are interested in ‘rat running’, school runs, road safety, or air pollution. Telraam maintain and develop the sensor and platform where all data is published as open data, which you can see on the Telraam website.

Telraam is the brainchild of Transport & Mobility Leuven (TML), a Belgian transport policy research company, Mobiel 21 (M21), an NGO with focus on citizen engagement and, a digital studio.

The original project started in 2019 as a collaboration between TML, M21 and As of January 2021, the development and maintenance of Telraam is managed by a new joint venture: Rear Window BV.

* The video is in English and Flemish. Switch sub-titles on to get the translation.


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