Ford Island control tower at Pearl Harbor has been renovated

The historic control tower at the aviation base on Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbor not only survived the Japanese attack on 7th Dec 1941, it is still standing and looking good as new.

Some would say even better, thanks to a collaboration between the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum and the haulage rental giant, U-Haul® International, which has added a lift (elevator) so that visitors can get to the top and enjoy the spectacular view.

“It is difficult to overstate the global importance of the opening of the Ford Island Control Tower at Pearl Harbor,” stated Elissa Lines, executive director of the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

“Without a working elevator, visitors – especially veterans – have been unable to see the full view of Pearl Harbor and the historic battlefield that unfolds from this height. The elevator and accompanying interpretive exhibit will help visitors visualize the horror of Dec. 7, 1941, while experiencing the inspiring resilience that followed – the legacy of our Greatest Generation.”

Sadly COVID-19 has thwarted hopes of a traditional opening ceremony, which would have coincided with today’s 75th VJ Day Anniversary, but it is hoped that, by the end of the year (Dec 7 would be an obvious date!) visitors will be able to take the lift to the new 360° observation deck at the top. From there the whole Dec 7th battlefield is laid out in front of them, as you can see in this ‘unveiling’ video…

That view includes the battleship, now a museum ship, USS Missouri, where the Instrument of Surrender was signed Sept. 2, 1945, in Tokyo Bay.


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