Audi Factory Tours Go Online

Audi have launched livestream guided factory tours of their plant at Ingolstadt.

The AudiStream tours, which went online yesterday, are pre-scheduled. You can select a tour, in English or German, of different vehicle production lines such as the A3 or A4, and watch selected production stages in real time.

The tours are led by experienced guides who can explain production processes, answer individual questions by text or voice, and tailor the tour to the wishes and interests of the participants. A typical tour will last around 20 minutes depending on the size of the group and level of interest.

AudiStream is starting with an online feature “Audi live at the Ingolstadt factory” in which participants learn how an Audi is made, from the first production steps in the press shop up to the last manual operations during the final assembly. It is expected that the range of tours will expand to cover other Audi factories, vehicles, and production stages. Eg. drivetrains, chassis, builds, testing, etc.

How much does all this cost? Nothing!

You can take an AudiStream factory tour from here:

(Other Factory Tours and Brand Museums are available!)


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