Floating Igloo Houseboats

Here’s an interesting concept for eco-friendly, adventure tourism accommodation – a floating igloo houseboat.

A floating igloo with a deck on a lake at sunset
AuroraHut on the lake

A Finnish company, AuroraHut, is producing a self-contained igloo boat™ that can be used as a houseboat on water in summer, and as an igloo on top of ice in winter.

The 12-sided (dodecagon) half glass pod is designed as a comfortable space for two people with a double bed, kitchenette, toilet and a scenic view.

The emphasis is on maintaining a zero-carbon footprint (or displacement!) in order to protect the wilderness environments they are likely to be used in. The pods are solar-powered in the summer and use an EFOY fuel cell during the winter. The fuel cell is fully automatic, silent and provides reliable off-grid power for the lights and devices in the AuroraHut, while ensuring there are no harmful effects on the environment and no emissions.

Two people sit by a BBQ outside a pod in a show field
Extreme glamping!

They are also easy to move, quick to set up and remove, and there’s no need for building permits.

The legs of two people on a double bed stretch out on a double bed. A colourful sunset can be seen trough the window.
Enjoying the view

Aurorahut expects its floating igloos to be used for observing nature, ice fishing, husky sledge riding and for watching the Northern lights.


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  1. How much does one of these domes cost in US dollars

    Joshua Jenkins / Reply
    • Sorry, Joshua. I’m not sure. I’m away right now. I’ll do some research when I get back to the UK.

      Alastair / Reply (in reply to Joshua Jenkins)
    • Hi Joshua, AuroraHut say prices from 49,500 euros excluding VAT on the website, so around 48,900 USD.

      Alastair / Reply (in reply to Joshua Jenkins)
  2. I am interested in purchasing. How much and can you ship to Pagosa Springs, Colorado USA?

    Dean / Reply
    • Hi Dean, I’m just the messenger. You’d have to ask aurorahut.com.

      Alastair / Reply (in reply to Dean)

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