Spring cleaning at the RAF Museum Midlands

Remember those times when you had to dust the Airfix models suspended from your bedroom ceiling, without breaking anything or dislodging them and sending them plummeting to the floor?

Well, at it’s pretty much the same thing at the RAF Museum Midlands (Cosford)… only on a larger scale!

Suspended from the ceiling, up to 100ft in the air, eight aircraft including a Vulcan bomber, are all being given a light dusting this week as part of the annual clean and inspection. Other aircraft being spruced up include a Canberra, Meteor, Sabre, Hunter, Lightning, Dakota and Javelin.


A man in an orange suit suspended on a rope, dusts the wing of a silver English Electric Lightning aircraft that is hanging vertically at the RAF Museum Cosford
The dust really shows on aluminium! (Photo: © RAF Museum)

The specialist team of dustbusters from industrial rope access specialists, Rappel, will use large soft fibre mops (no cleaning solutions are used on the aircraft) to clean the aircraft, and at the same time inspect the suspension cables supporting the aircraft in their flying display positions.

During the clean, the museum is open to visitors who might see the high-flying team in action.


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