Hawker Hurricanes on show at IWM Duxford

IWM Duxford opened a new temporary exhibition last week (27 Dec) highlighting the role Hawker Hurricanes played during WW2.

Hurricane: Unsung Hero features seven aircraft – quite a significant gathering considering there are now only 14 airworthy Hurricanes in the world. They include four Hurricane Mk 1s, a Mk 2 B (2-seater), a Mk 12A, and a Fleet Air Arm Mk 1B Sea Hurricane, which will join the other six in January after some last minute maintenance.

The exhibition follows on from Duxford’s previous exhibition, Spitfire: Evolution of an Icon. As all ‘avgeeks’ know, the Hurricane may have played second fiddle to the RAF’s primary interceptor, the glamorous Spitfire, but during the Battle of Britain Hurricanes were the workhorses who accounted for 56% of kills shared by both aircraft. (It helped that they were more numerous, having gone into production earlier that the Spitfire.)

This new exhibition can be seen in the Conservation Hall in the museum’s AirSpace building. It runs to 19 February 2023.

NB. The feature image is of a static display Hurricane at the RAF Museum in Hendon. It’s just a better photo than the only one I have of a Duxford Hurricane!


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