Car Manufacturer, FCA Italy, has created a Heritage Collection in Turin

This month, FCA Italy, the Turin-based subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, finished converting a former 15,000 m2 workspace at their Mirafiori manufacturing plant into a home for 250 historic Fiat, Lancia and Abarth cars.

Some of the cars have been arranged into specific themes. Each theme displays eight cars from different brands and eras…

  • Small and safe: houses a selection of models that combined maximum safety with minimum dimensions.
  • Style marks: shows a series of “milestones” that left their visual mark on the history of motorcar design.
  • Epic journeys: celebrates cars that made famous and unforgettable road journeys.
  • The rally era: reserved for models which have written glorious pages in the annals of the world of rallies.
  • Eco and sustainable: a group of the most innovative cars in terms of sensitivity to environmental issues.
  • Archistars: eight technical masterpieces that introduced significant innovations in motorcar architecture, in terms of functionality and manufacture.
  • Concepts and “fuoriserie”: special series and ultra-rare models, some unique one-offs, some utopian dreams.
  • Records and races: the legendary racing cars with the most prestigious triumphs, record-breakers and heroes.

The FCA Heritage Hub is not yet open to the public. My guess is they’ll open it first to students, owners and enthusiasts, and to a wider audience later.


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