easyJet’s 3D Augmented Reality Hand Luggage Scanner

easyJet have added a feature to their mobile app that uses augmented reality technology to scan your cabin bag and show if it falls within the maximum cabin bag dimensions.

The idea is that passengers can scan their cabin bag with their phone to check its size before they travel to the airport. The scan provides an on-screen 3D box which when combined with the phone’s camera sizes the cabin bag and indicates whether it fits within the maximum dimensions.

The bad news? The new app feature uses Apple’s ARKit 2 technology and so is only available on iPhones (6S or later models) for now.

“Audiences are increasingly demanding digital solutions, which improve their travel experience,” says Cormac Reilly, VP & Global Head of Travel Partners Solutions, who developed the feature for easyJet at Travelport. “By incorporating this unique augmented reality feature in the app, easyJet will further reduce un-expected baggage queries on arrival.”

…Theoretically, yes, but only if the new feature turns out to be reliable and easy to use in the real world. All the same easyJet are to be applauded for pushing the ‘passenger experience’ envelope.


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