World War II Conference Announced in New Orleans

You would think almost all that could be said about World War II, has been said… and studied.

But no. There’s more.

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans, USA, has announced the dates & topics for the 10th International Conference on World War II.

Presented by Chicago’s Pritzker Military Museum & Library (a misleading name – it’s much more a library than museum) and the Pritzker Military Foundation, the Conference takes place annually in New Orleans and features the world’s foremost WWII historians in discussions concerning battles, leaders and pivotal moments that shaped World War II.

This year’s topics include: The Anglo-American Alliance, The Wehrmacht’s Last Stand, Dunkirk (topically!), MacArthur and Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich.

As in recent years, a daylong single-topic symposium exclusive to Conference attendees will precede the main event. This year’s symposium theme “Hitler in History” is focused on Adolf Hitler – how he came to power and the hell he unleashed on the world. Other symposium presentations will explore satirical depictions of Hitler and assassination plots against him. The day will conclude with the Conference’s opening keynote, for which the Museum’s Samuel Zemurray Stone Senior Historian, Robert M. Citino, PhD, will present on the themes explored in his new book, “The Wehrmacht’s Last Stand: The German Campaigns of 1944–1945.”

A great new feature of this year’s Conference will be an evening open house and reception at the Museum, during which the entire campus will be available for after-hours touring. Conference attendees will get the exclusive-access opportunity to explore the Museum’s exhibits, including a new permanent addition to the Museum’s WWII narrative, The Arsenal of Democracy: The Herman and George Brown Salute to the Home Front.

The International Conference on World War II will take place in New Orleans from November 16 through 18. For more information, or to register for the Conference and/or Symposium, visit (that’s a lot of ‘w’s!).

(Photo: Delegates at last year’s WW2 conference. PRNewsfoto/National WWII Museum)


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