Wind-powered beach animals at the Kunstmuseum in The Hague

These so-called Strandbeesten, ‘Beach Animals’, are the work of artist Theo Jansen from The Hague in the Netherlands.

They are extraordinary ‘animals’ built out of electrical tubing and cloth… with a few squillion cable ties holding things together! They can regularly be seen walking on one of the beaches of The Hague.

Jansen has been creating these impressive skeletal structures since 1990. His original purpose was to create practical machines that would resist rising sea levels due to climate change, by churning up the beach and blowing the sand onto the dunes to reinforce them.

Now his beach animals are more artistic and have a grander goal. His declared intent is to create large herds of Strandbeesten that can live and roam the beach completely independently. You may find yourself having to quickly re-locate the family picnic!

The evolution of the Strandbeesten can be seen in a new exhibition at the Kunstmuseum in The Hague. They will be on display in the garden of the museum until 3 July.


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