EXP-Leisure Game Centre Opens

There’s a new game centre in London, just on the edge of the Olympic Park in East London in East London.

EXP-Leisure was ‘soft’ opened only 6 weeks ago, and is still being built, but the basics are in place for board gamers (tables, drinks and food) and there are ambitious plans for the near future – including a number of online gaming events, the first of which will be the London Qualifiers of the TEKKEN 7 UK Championship.

In addition to tabletop & board games, the games centre, which is spread over the first and second floors of Swan Wharf on the river Leigh, will offer zones for online & Local Area Network (LAN) PC games, and video console games including retro games.

The LAN Gaming Zone has rows of networked PC games available to play on individual PC stations and in team-based clusters for team games. The plan is also to immersive experiences such as widescreen gaming and Virtual Reality gaming. They already have their first racing car simulator.

The Gamers Lounge, currently being re-roofed, will be populated with sofa style & bean bag seating with top end consoles and some retro consoles for reliving past old gaming fun – think Super Mario on Nintendo Classic! And there will also be large-display game and movie screenings

EXP-Leisure have another space on the first floor which will be used for special events, and on the ground floor at Swan Wharf there is public bar and eatery – The Cantina, which has a large yard area for good weather days.

Zone Manager, Matt Lammes, has been telling me about their plans…

The only problem with EXP-Leisure is getting there. There are some local buses that stop nearby, but the nearest rail stops are Pudding Lane (DLR), a 15-min walk; Hackney Wick, a 20-min walk; and then Stratford (tube, DLR & rail) on the other side of the Olympic park, a 30-min walk away.

But hey, the exercise will be good for you! 


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  1. Stratford is less than 30 minutes away, I’ve walked it in 15. If you cut through the park past the West Ham stadium and cross the river using the footbridge you’re literally right there.

    Michael / Reply
    • Think Google said it was 25 and I added 5 because all the new buildings being built along the canal prevent you getting through ATM. Took me ten mins to find a way round and onto the towpath.

      So we’ll agree ‘somewhere between 15-30mins’ 😉

      Alastair / Reply (in reply to Michael)

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